How to integrate your Blaze POS

Integrating Blaze with Where's Weed allows consumers to place real-time orders on our platform, enabling real-time delivery and processing directly within the Blaze terminal.

Prepare your inventory in Blaze

  • Before integrating, ensure your product inventory is up-to-date with accurate titles, descriptions and imagery.
  • Next, confirm pricing is accurate for all listed products.
  • Ensure that product "meta data" (THC %, CBD %, etc) are set for a better consumer experience.
  • Note: Products marked as inactive within Blaze will not be displayed on your business’ profile page on Where's Weed.

Step 1: Obtain your API Developer Keys

  1. Start by setting up your third party integrations by navigating to the Global Settings > Company Settings > Developer Keys.
    developer keys
  2. Generate a developer key and secret by hitting the Add Key button.
    add key BLAZE
  3. Provide the Key and the Secret to your Where's Weed Account Representative. (as noted in the implementation section below)

Step 2: Setup webhooks within Blaze

Webhooks allow order status updates to be communicated with the customer. In order to set this up, follow these steps:

  1. BLAZE > Global Settings > Integration Settings > Webhook Management >
  2. In the “Update Consumer Order” field enter: 

Step 3: Implementation of your API key

  1. Our team will assign the API key to your Where's Weed account.
    Note: The API Key is assigned on a per-company basis.
  2. Upon a successful API connection, your product inventory will start populating your menu.
  3. After a successful data sync, our team will reach out to discuss testing procedures.

Step 4: Test the integration

  1. Upon the successful data sync, the Where's Weed team will submit a test order to confirm that the order was properly received and functioned as expected.

Step 5: Start taking orders!

Now that a successful order has been processed, Where's Weed consumers can start submitting orders through our platform.