How do I add online ordering to my business profile?

  • In the Edit Profile section of the Dashboard, you will see a section dedicated to Online Pre-Ordering.
  • Set the tax rate, delivery fees and hours (if you offer delivery).
  • Adjust contact information (phone numbers and emails) of who will be receiving notifications for your orders. The numbers you put here will receive a text notification once a pre-order has been placed.
  • From the Pre-Orders section of the Dashboard, you can manage your incoming orders and see a record of your pre-orders.
  • Orders will be able to be placed for pick up or delivery (if offered), and you will be able to accept or reject them from this page.
  • You will need to confirm the order, have someone at the store fill it, mark it ready for pick up.
    • The customer will receive notifications via text and email once they place the order, another once it has been confirmed, and a final notice once it is ready for pickup.
  • Once the order has been picked up, it will need to be marked as completed within the Pre-Order section of the Dashboard.
  • Don't forget to ask the consumer to leave a review on your Where's Weed profile page to help your overall ranking!