How are businesses ranked in results?

Much like Google and major search engines, Where’s Weed uses a proprietary algorithm to weight businesses according to a large number of ranking factors. Individual users are provided tailored results that may be in a different ranking order than other users see. A repeat visitor may see different businesses weighted differently when revisiting the pages. Our algorithm is constantly evolving and being improved upon to provide faster, higher-quality results for users and allow distribution of visitors to nearby businesses in as fair a manner as possible.

Due to the sensitive and technical nature of our internal systems and algorithms, sales and customer service reps are unaware of and will not be able to provide any insight into the inner workings of our systems and specifics on ranking factors.

Follow these steps in order to fully optimize your profile:

      1. Be sure to complete your profile to the fullest extent possible, including accurate location and contact information, hours of operation, and amenities your business might offer.
      2. Stay engaged with your profile page. Click the “Profile Visibility” banner at the top of your business’ dashboard to see what actions you can take to maximize your listing’s reach.
      3. Integrate your Point of Sale for real-time inventory updates and pre-order transfers. Optionally, you may keep your menu up-to-date by manually editing your inventory.
      4. Enable Online Pre-Ordering for your customers
      5. Maintain a positive rating from your customers via your business reviews. Additionally, responding to reviews builds consumer trust and loyalty.
      6. Post deals to attract bargain shoppers and gain additional exposure. On-site, your posted deal will be displayed on your listing as well as on your locality’s “Deals” page. Off-site, deals can help attract customers with high buying intent directly from search engines.